What Flips Your Switch?



snags your attention, a smell that has your brain singing chorals, a taste accompanied by moans of pleasure or a touch makes you tingle?

There are 6 main senses in the system of the human brain and body that are unique in the mammal world from pleasant to unpleasant. These systems can lead to a range of actions from creative to destructive, depending on the perception of ..hmmm….other people.

Yet, how many of us actually take the time to sort them out as they occur or have indulged in each one? There are a few that most haven’t experienced, or only in a small way. For instance the smell of blood with the exception of a personal cut, the smell of raw sewage. (yuk and eww).

Take time out to enjoy your sensory perceptions, or as the (adapted) old saying goes, use them before you lose them.

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  1. If you have a story to share about a sensory perception, do take the time to share it with us, though triple x rated is probably taboo. 🙂

    This isn’t some psych thing either, just a general way to say take the time to stop and smell the roses kinda thing. 🙂

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    • Human beings smell bad. Of all of the mammals, we’re probably the smelliest, which is why few predators will eat a human being unless they’re starving. Sharks, for example, will occasionally taste a human being out of curiosity–or by mistaking one for a seal–but they generally won’t eat the whole thing.

      Man-eaters are particularly dangerous because they have gotten past the unpleasant gaminess of human beings and may even find us delicious. 🙂


      • haha ….now I Know you had to have smelled a dog, wet, that’s dragged himself (yeah usually a Male one) through All kinds of Murk and than wanted to Love ya! And I’ve never smelled anything Worse, including a couple of drunk homeless, though they Were a close second..maybe even a tie. I Swear that dog had gone through raw sewage he smelled that bad. Good thing it was my Brother’s dog, no way was I going to bathe him. ROFLOL…had some good times with that one and Never did find out what he was chasing.

        ps: Luv innuendo’s too. LOL ……gaminess or delicious?

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        • I’ve know a lot of homeless people. Some of the sweetest human beings I’ve ever known. Epic stench on occasion. Wet dogs are bad, but not even in the the same category with unbathed specimens of Homo sapiens. I can see eating a dog.


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