Which Switches has Donald Trump Flipped?


Parade float photographed in Düsseldorf, Germany By Kürschner (talk) 11:37, 8 February 2016 (UTC) (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Parade float photographed in Düsseldorf, Germany By Kürschner (talk) 11:37, 8 February 2016 (UTC) (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

By now most of us have heard or seen the psych buttons Mr. Trump has, at worst pushed or at least, has gone with the flow.

Before, it has been small areas of protest, distrust and angst. Actually, it began back during the Recession or possibly before that with GW’s 9/11 and subsequent war. People Believed, or at least they still did, or they don’t want to give up their belief in our political system, even when they mistrusted it, they still voted to send the same people into elected offices, over and over again, down to the city/county levels.

People don’t seem to have the same faith or belief anymore. Partly or in some cases this is because of the media and Congress. Yet, the underlying angst is coming out, in a big way. The decisiveness is apparent, the divide is apparent the angst is apparent …..and the fact that the US Congress is Tasked with Ensuring the Domestic Tranquility of the US should Not be missed.

The flash point was when Senator McConnell stated not an hour after the death of Justice Scalia that President Obama wouldn’t be given a chance to have a hearing or nomination for the Supreme Court. He lit the fuse and we are seeing the result. He underestimated the civilian population, the angst, the distrust of the US Constitutional system and the building desire to change it.

Make no mistake, Mr. Trump did not and he’s riding and depending on it for a run at winning the US Presidency.

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  1. I am of the opinion that the main switch that he has flipped has nothing to do with most topics except money. People want to buy things, they want comfort, they want a satisfying job, and they want stability in their politics. That stability is a consistent progress in getting things done that they want to see for themselves in their communities.

    Here in Kentucky our current governor (a businessman) is trying to cut money for education. Yet at the same time business’s are saying they want better educated/skilled workers. So, most of the people are telling him forget that deal, you better come up with a better plan. heh.

    It is the one thing that I’ve been saying all along, that Business people that switch careers to politician’s try to treat Governing as a business model and that doesn’t work. A CEO can chose a business model for a select group to market too but not a Governor because governing has no select group, governing is for all the groups.

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  2. Donald Trump’s voter appeal isn’t mysterious. Donald Trump is a common, garden variety sociopath who excels at demagoguery.

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  3. What frightens me, I fear Trump could win. I did not believe he would get this far. The world thinks we are going crazy and maybe some are. I heard that the UK put several states on a “terror watch list”. Telling their same sex travelers that the US has states that are a travel risk. Sigh.

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    • I’m not too concerned, so far it’s just the Rep’s and they’re a mess. Now if he’s the nominee, well that may be an issue but not really a big one because I don’t think that a lot of the Rep voters that aren’t so extreme are going to bothered to come out and vote for him.

      All the Dems have to do is keep flaunting the Fact that it wouldn’t make sense to build a big wall, because the traffickers will just did tunnels like they do for drugs. Besides a lot of American land owners are really getting fed up with the Feds taking their land for a wall or thinking about it.

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      • LOL; good points. Traffickers are great tunnel builders. Creative group.. .

        I heard about the land that would be needed for that wall. Impressive.

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        • One landowner is still highly perturbed about the part of the wall that got put on his land and a golf course got divided by it too…/snicker. Gotta love those guys in DC that have no Clue what’s going on down on the home front.

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          • I talked to a Homeland Security officer a few years ago. He told me that they had found tunnels big enough to drive a semi tracker trailer through.

            There are about 55 million Hispanic-Americans. Building a wall won’t stop America from undergoing a demographic transition and a cultural transformation. Those who propose walls and fences are pandering to the fears and stupidity of ignorant people.

            When I imagine walls and barbed wire fences, I think of Communists and Nazis. Not my Idea of what America represents. Some people don’t seem to understand traditional American values.

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          • The Right Wing wants that wall. They forget someone got to pay.

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            • There are approximately 60 million Hispanic people living in America, citizens or otherwise. American culture is and will continue to be influenced by Hispanic immigrants. Only very stupid people think that they can preserve white, Anglo-Saxon protestant privilege and keep the future at bay by building a fence.

              Hispanic immigrants are a gift to America. America has been refreshed over and over again throughout history by new waves of immigrants. I interact with Hispanic immigrants and their children every day. The kids are Americans in every meaningful way. These kids will be the saviors of America’s future. We should welcome them.

              The wisest policies for American political leaders to pursue would be to ensure that these children have every opportunity to become happy, well-adjusted and productive members of American society. A decent living wage would be a good place to start. We should spend more money on education, early nutrition and childhood health programs–and not on symbolic cultural barriers motivated by ignorance and irrational fears of people who are “different.”

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