My Updates and Thoughts for the Day

First, thing this morning I had to call Triple AAA, one of my BFF’s, to get a jump. Turned out I had a dead cell in my battery..of course that’s a downer right off the bat, but get this, it was a Woman that not only sold me the battery But she put it in, yeah Go Girl!… My newest BFF…. Advanced Auto and she sprayed some gunk on the cable ends to keep the corrosion off. Who would a thought? So, I made a quick trip to the local bakery and bought her some doughnut holes. I had asked her what kind of doughnuts she liked and mentioned doughnut holes, she said she’d never had those. Well, she was having a downer day too. One worker was running late, the local Fire Department inspector showed up for an inspection and her stepfather was in the hospital with possible heart attack and/or stroke. She Needed those doughnut holes and the megawatt smile I got in return was worth it. 🙂

Next, on to politics, the GOP here in KY think that being a government means having a business model. haha…it’s about the most ignorant idea they’ve ever come up with and they are going to the mat with it and break the US and states in the process. No need to elaborate on that one, just go to Kansas.

The one thing they forgot or are overlooking is that a business has investors pumping fresh money into it. Though that’s not working out too well either for business’s being as how they’re more concerned with investor’s that Never get paid back like you would with a loan from a bank, than they are with their workers. Your great grandpa told me Never invest in Wall Street that it was gambling and the House always won. Pretty much on target, on account of Wall Street are the winners more than an investor.

Anyway, unless they go to the taxpayers, which Congress may have Finally figured out, for more money, they can’t just print it and hope that one works. ROFLOL. All those tax credits, tax deductions and tax incentives and off shore money have finally caught up with them….after 30 years of spending on real Government projects and needs. My take, if a business wants US customers, and be in the US to make them or sell them….pay up for the benefits of being a US business. Not a biggie. When they’re overseas, they sure jump to the US embassy when they want something but they don’t want to pay a penny to maintain a US embassy. Bunch of moochers anyway. Too much greed in the world has led to a Lot of human problems.

The UN is asking for more help with Ethiopia, and they have millionaire’s living there. It’s all the corruption and bribery so why should anyone help them when they’re just going to mess with it and not help the people that it’s meant for? Their water delivery system is in worse shape than ours.

Now here is all about getting infrastructure fixed, like it was built in the 60’s, they really thought it’d last forever? Yep, dumbies. sighh It was obvious to everyone once Flint MI water went leaded that a Bunch of other water delivery systems needed upgrading. What makes me so mad was that it was Known since the ’90’s that water delivery systems were failing and allowed lead to get in the water to Everywhere it was going…hospitals, schools, daycare centers etc and the kids that drank the water tested at high levels but they didn’t follow through and nail it down. Some they did but depending on the water department for a city etc, well there ya go with who was going to lie and who was going to fix it.

Yet, MD’s were Missing in Action on it too. The have all this ADD- ADHD stuff and giving kids more meds when the Main issue could have been lead poisoning. sighhh. and that Isn’t fixed with meds. Not counting the fact that it takes more than a med to get a lead poisoned kid into a better life and like that’s not happening either.

They also need to develop more tests for lead poisoned …after the fact to find out say 5, 10, 20 years how much lead is still in people. So far there’s only one and they’re not exactly working that one too hard. I’m going to be asking my MD when I see him in May what they’re doing on the local level here.

Anyway, McConnell is showing his smarts or lack of same, as usual, with the SCOTUS appointment but that’s not the only one, he’s been building up to it with blocking Federal Judges too. This go around, he’s blocking a local KY woman. heh…She was born and raised in Princeton KY and she’s an excellent choice and you’re not going to believe the excuse he used….. supposedly reported locally, she was told McConnell was blocking the SCOTUS process, that he couldn’t do anything but block Her nomination and approval too. If it wasn’t the stupidest excuse I’ve ever heard, I don’t know what is.

I keep telling all the young ones I meet, that they Have to start voting and get all the Old White Dudes on meds Out of Congress before they get the US in worse trouble. And that’s my updates and thoughts for the day…ROFLOL

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  1. I figure I was lucky on the battery, it only cost $127 plus tax And I got it replaced. 🙂 …for the rest, most of it everyone knows but hey what the heck, a little personal touch via the way I talk sounded like a thing today. yuk yuk…..or at least that’s what I’ve been told, that I write like I talk…probably a hint maybe too much? oh well, like I tell most, what ya see is what ya get. There’s more, of course, but I hit the highlights before the write timed out and yes I’ve had That happen…sighhh

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