Does Hillary represent the moral high ground?

Prog Chik

This thought provoking post by Holly M. Wood was re-blogged from the Lehigh Valley Vanguard

There’s a common flavor among Hillary Clinton supporters who want to have their vote seen as the moral high road against Bernie Sanders, who they cast as “the idealist vote.” These are invariably Liberals (with a capital L) who have so long been socialized in a political environment where Not Republican = morality. To them, morality is voting for the best Democratic candidate and by best, they mean most electable.

Even if I weren’t a Bernie Sanders die-hard (which I unapologetically am), it’s hard to rationalize Hillary Clinton as a moral candidate. After all, Hillary Clinton admitted to deporting orphaned refugees at the border to send a message to warlords. She thanked Nancy Reagan for letting tens of thousands of AIDs victims die. She voted to drop bomb after bomb on brown kids across the world…

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  1. An outstanding piece. I’ve read it several times.

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