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  1. You can read about the death of Elliot Williams in The Raw Story.

    My contempt for these utterly mean, stupid and inept jailers is beyond civilized expression. There should be a federal grand jury investigation and a criminal investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The persons responsible for the gross negligent murder of Elliot Williams should be prosecuted to the fullest possible extent of the law.

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  2. What shocked me, when I was first informed of this story, was how little media attention the story has received on the internet.

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    • Both stories were an excellent example of how 2 men could be treated so different. I was surprised at the date/year of that murder. It took so long for that man to die and no one believed he was badly hurt – a veteran? His poor family.

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      • I’ve read most of The Daily Beast piece that broke the story. Mr. Williams died in 2011. It apparently took five years before his family’s attorneys were able to obtain the jail’s surveillance videos. Is that right? I’ll have to fact check myself on that.

        I still haven’t finished the article. I had to stop reading it after getting through about 3/4 of the article. It is one of the most disturbing things I’ve read in a long time. I had to stop reading.

        Mr. Williams was the victim of an indifferent bureaucracy and a local culture steeped in bigoted stereotypes. Ignorance, lack of appropriate education and training, lack of oversight, lack of comprehension, gross indifference and desensitization to the suffering of another human being.

        A culture of astonishing ineptitude and indifference. Dozens should be fired and have their licenses suspended. The City of Tulsa should pay and pay. I have no doubt that they will. Ignorance is no excuse for failing to do the right thing. These people failed to do their jobs. And they utterly failed as human beings. Shameful and sickening.

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    • The only reason I heard about this story is that I’m friends with The Daily Beast writer on Facebook, and she posted that someone from the NY Daily News plagiarized it.

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