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  • Paying a living wage: who wins?

    Originally posted on Prog Chik:
    According to Gravity Payment’s CEO Dan Price, everyone wins. After raising the minimum wage of his employees to $70,000/year–and cutting his own salary to the same–Gravity Payment’s profits have soared. “I want the scorecard we…

  • Do I have to choose?

    Originally posted on Prog Chik:
    I’ve never voted Green Party, and I was never on the Jill Stein, Howard Dean, or Ralph Nader bandwagon. Why not? I agree with the Green Party’s viewpoints, but perhaps I was still too naive…

  • News contrast of the week: Robert Bentley & Elliot Williams

    Originally posted on Prog Chik:
    I have a short attention span these days, but how can you blame me? Information flies past as fast as bullets: 43 dead from an earthquake in Japan, more extremists recruited from Tunisia than any…

  • Does Hillary represent the moral high ground?

    Originally posted on Prog Chik:
    This thought provoking post by Holly M. Wood was re-blogged from the Lehigh Valley Vanguard There’s a common flavor among Hillary Clinton supporters who want to have their vote seen as the moral high road against…

  • Temperance in the face of ignorance

    I was surfing Google+ the other day and came across a meme similar to the following: Now memes like this piss me off, as does the implication that low wage workers deserve to be where they are–i.e. in poverty–because of some… Read More ›

  • Put your money where your morals are

    Originally posted on Prog Chik:
    Sure, we’ve all heard about the woes of factory farmed animals, the industrialization–and Monsantoization–of agriculture, and the destruction of unsustainable fishing. In an ideal world, all of us ethically aware humans would avoid mistreating the animals we eat–or stop…

  • The Big Share

    So it is obvious that if a man is to redeem his spiritual and moral ‘lag,’ he must go all out to bridge the social and economic gulf between the ‘haves’ and ‘have not’s’ of the world. Poverty is one… Read More ›