Do I have to choose?

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I’ve never voted Green Party, and I was never on the Jill Stein, Howard Dean, or Ralph Nader bandwagon. Why not? I agree with the Green Party’s viewpoints, but perhaps I was still too naive in my 20s or plain politically ignorant–I would have stared blankly had you asked me to explain Neo-liberalism, couldn’t have identified FDR’s policies from Teddy’s, and would have become tongue tied deciphering the NAFTA acronym–to know what was good for me. Now I’m slightly more informed, am as adult as I’ll ever be (are we really considered adults in our early 20s?), and can feel the full effect of all these government policies that once felt abstract. Isn’t that what growing up means?

As a grown-up, I also know what I want our political system to provide me and my fellow Americans with: affordable health care, pro-renewable energy policies, environmental policies that regulate and fine…

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