Hacked emails released by WikiLeaks hint DNC sought to pave Clinton path to victory vs. Sanders


WikiLeaks document dump Friday amplifies the impression that the Democratic Party apparatus preferred Hillary Clinton to Bernie Sanders.

A top Democratic Party official tried to use Bernie Sanders’s religious beliefs to hurt his presidential campaign, according to a startling internal email.

The suggestion of undercutting Sanders based on religion is included in one of 19,252 hacked emails dumped Friday — just ahead of the Democratic convention in Philadelphia — by WikiLeaks. The emails appear to have been stolen by a hacker identified as Guccifer 2.0.


The DNC was supposed to be neutral in its party primary between Hillary Clinton and the Vermont senator.

But the latest batch of emails confirms the party establishment was in the tank for Clinton well before the primary had been decided by voters.

DNC chief Debbie Wasserman Schultz sent an email to NBC anchor Chuck Todd complaining about MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski, who was calling on her to step down.

The heading read: “Chuck, this must stop!”


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  1. Ms. Schultz is right: This must stop. Democracy means that We the People choose our government and not an elite, privileged few of political party bosses. It is time for a change.


    • I think there’s a bigger issue here and that is the hackers that do this stuff. Their agenda might not be one of the best.

      Secondly, it’s the word ‘hint’ not ‘confirm’ that the DNC injected their personal agenda for one candidate or the other.

      Do remember that one of Bernie’s staff searched Hillary’s campaign data when the breach happened?

      “The dispute came after members of Mr. Sanders’s data team were found to have gotten access to, searched and stored proprietary information from Mrs. Clinton’s team during a software glitch with an important voter database”

      Personally, I think it’s more smoke and mirrors to discredit the DNC and the Democrats participation in the Presidential election.

      We don’t need to add to the mess by believing Everything we read heh

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      • Great comment, Ecantados.

        The pro-Clinton bias of the Democratic establishment has never been much of a secret. Most of the big unions, like the AFT, favored Ms. Clinton before she had even announced her candidacy. And before the first Democratic voter had cast a single primary ballot, Clinton had already locked up 20% of the delegates needed to win the nomination. Over a hundred of those superdelegates are representatives from states that Sanders won hands down, and who, nevertheless, voted against the popular will of voters in those states. Furthermore, Clinton won the popular vote by a little less than four million votes–but the Associated Press called the election for Clinton while 11 million Democratic voters had yet to cast their ballots.

        There certainly isn’t anything illegal about all of this, but it does show a genuine contempt for the Democratic voter and the democratic process. DNC Vice Chair Tulsi Gabbard resigned precisely because of the evident bias of the DNC for one candidate over another. It is fundamentally an issue of fairness.

        So, while the email leaks only “hint” at a culture of bias toward Sanders by the Democratic Party machinery, they do lend more credence to what we longtime partisans have understood all along.


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