‘It’s NOT safe in Germany anymore’ German family flee to Russia to claim asylum



Fleeing over the border in their VW camper van the Griesbach family told Vladimir Putin’s Government they had escaped the ‘German dictatorship’ where they could no longer raise their children.

Carola Griesbach, 51, and her husband Andre, 45, raced the 2,300 kilometres from northern Germany to Moscow’s Red Square.

Two of their daughters, Dominique and Julia, along with four of their grandchildren were also crammed into the van.

However, since arriving on New Year’s Eve in 2015, they have been stranded at a small motel in a forest outside the Russian capital.

The family have claimed their reasons for leaving the country include mass migration, the ‘early sexualisation’ of children, a lack of democracy and forced immunisation

Mr Griesbach said: “People believe Germany is a democracy but it’s not.

“It’s morally corrupt and people don’t about anything like punctuality or crime anymore. There is no society.

“Russian society is much better, and Putin is a much better example of a leader.

“The German state is corrupt, so he is much more democratic than Merkel.

“They are inviting all the immigrants over so they can stir up trouble in the country and start the war the government wants.

“No country but Germany wants so many foreigners in their country.

“The Americans’ wars, the Syrian war, Germany helps pay for all of this stupidity.”

Mrs Griesbach said she fears for her children’s future.

She said: “Everyone knows the situation in the German media, and on the relationship between migrants and violence is. The media reports on a small part.

“It’s not safe for children or women in Germany anymore.

“The Police rarely look into cases, because they are prevented from doing so by the system or they are attacked by the so-called asylum seekers.

“But let me make it clear – we don’t have anything against asylum seekers. We have a duty to help people worse off than ourselves.”

Daily Express

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  1. These are some of the fattest Germans I have ever seen. Small wonder that the Russians don’t want to give them asylum. The Russians are probably fearful that they won’t be able to afford the cost of feeding them.

    To paraphrase Will Rogers, these Germans fleeing to Russia improved both places. 🙂

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    • Thanks because I am still laughing after reading this comment!, I didn’t expect it
      I didn’t understand either why would anyone flee from Germany to Russia like the desperate people from war zones.
      A relative of mine says that her country recieved millions of illegal Chineese at the last few years, but I understand that Chinese are after job chances even in Askimo
      I suppose that fhis family is hiding the true reason behind their behaviour and it’s not the refugees or the ‘German dictatorship’

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      • I had to laugh at the idea of these fat Germans fleeing across the border, especially since there are at least two other countries between Germany and Russia.

        I’m planning to flee from stupid people next week. I hope I don’t run out of money. Lol.

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        • How did I miss this point? They have to walk ‘illegally’ for thousands of miles in Poland, Lithuania, Belaeus or Ukraine, Lol

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          • Even in Denmark, whose government has not been very welcoming of refugees, the people are welcoming Syrian refugees. Refugees always bring problems with them. That is true everywhere.

            These Germans are silly people trying to run away from having to live with foreign refugees. Russians don’t like foreigners either, especially Germans, invading their country. These Germans need asylum. I’m thinking, “insane asylum.”

            I like Polish people. Have you known any? Wonderful people.

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            • I am trying to search for other topics to find any information that makes some sense about the true reason behind seeking asylum by this German family
              I know a wonserful Polish woman, another relative in law of mine. I don’t know how to write her name My family pronounce it ‘Paeiatta’.
              Marrying from East Europe and Russia was common in Egypt before and after Communism wanes away. She and the Ukranian Ludemella are my and my mother;s best friends

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