delicate etching, engraved to make a picture of lace wood precision, laved for balance of a face more than more, the gift talent through eons shift in each casting, seen complete or incomplete the symmetric of keen lineated flair, undelete… Read More ›


range through the moment stop at the yellow line wait for a heaven-sent sign glowing halo illuminated, behind words strewn, auditory overload scattered, renewed, sowed careless whether the seeds garners nothing more than weeds no one to pluck the discord… Read More ›

Syria Surrenders

gliding through the night towards an unknown sight attack and leave in ruins death seeking it’s boons homage to Death as the dogs of war seeds begun in bohr tred with heavy foot hatred with a deep root hurried across… Read More ›

Whispering Taste

not forgotten, never forgotten, misplaced in childhood toys, tastes, memories, dreams, accidently invoked a spell woven as my mouth waters, throat swallows the sweet taste of a thin wafer, spread with cream comes to rest on my tongue like a… Read More ›


single, solo songs, sang throaty renditions, vibrating emotional, deeply heartfelt softly sung, molasses slow words written, whispering lines sliced through the words capturing the essence within a degree of meaning sobbing, special scintillating sliding over structured scales no limits lethargically… Read More ›

Coming with Spring

Romantic Dinners as though I didn’t conceive a thought how meeting you would wrought such a storm of emotions, longings in a whirlwind of summer contortions bring new different aspects, proportions the spring brings sun, delicate flowers, the sky darkens… Read More ›

Serenity of Seasons

  The near trees bent by wind, ice and snow bowing to the master, the icy winter beast waiting silently in the cold fastness of the ice for the sun to shed its warming rays once more making the landscape,… Read More ›