Find A

bright shiny penny laying on the hard pavement waiting to be picked up, held in a hand, granting a wish to be chosen, close your eyes, wait and see what comes next, for a chance, a penny payment sunshine, glowing… Read More ›

Would You

yearn for that beyond the stars. the edge of universe which is naught but a dream yearn for easier to reach, those of  the highest peaks, reaches of the mountains yearn for that land, those witched, and are beyond the… Read More ›

He Had

chosen a bloodwood box, ornately carved bright red velvet, carefully lined, to hold the finest tear drops of aquamarine, blue delicate necklace, of filigree of gold, lays waiting, silent in the enclosed velvet case to be moved again, shelf to… Read More ›


you, once, stood in the shadows, hidden by the building’s corner away from the warming sunlight that broke from, darkling  clouds drifting away, after a fierce, nay, ferocious storm, that tore anew the tree’s last leaves, harbinger of winter’s deepening,… Read More ›

As We See

Look beyond the myriad reasons the are many colors on the earth rainbows collide, blending, bleeding lost in the kaleidiscope of seasons passing through life, each tiny, small watch as they diminish in the distance follow their  path back where… Read More ›


the waste collected, bloody sheets, corpses bled, bloated left to lie amid the debris of futile attempts to heal, relieve as the whimpers, cries, demands of those left, floated within the hearing of those standing back, set to deceive the… Read More ›

I Watch

on a cloudless, blue skyed morning as the eastern sun rises, stretches across the tops of the near buildings brilliant light, glows on leaf, grass, glass the tiny sparkles of nights dew, evaporate quickly snuffed out by the radiant heat… Read More ›