Coming Events-2015 Random Thoughts

Détente with Putin, Putin gets concessions and resumes his merry way,
ISIL black-marketing more oil,
China cutting car sales unless they buy a green energy vehicle,
India continues hoarding rice
Sudan, Central America enter food crisis
an Investigation of CCA leads back to whom?,
the AG of MO and the MO state legislation decide to squeeze the municipalities in St Louis County
Pakistan reduces Taliban and any other rebels to a handful, no détente there.
Afghanistan doesn’t rid the country of corruption (nothing new on that one in the Middle East),
The UN and Palestinian Aid groups expect rebuilding or no money and this time they mean it (maybe)
Israeli technicians that developed the Iron Dome are invited to the US to discuss revamping US air space defense (if they haven’t already been invited),
Brazil resumes recovery from post dictator years,
Columbia coal miners start mini-revolts,
In big business, in Memphis and St Louis, they continue to upgrade their buildings to withstand an 8 earthquake
California looks to a combination gov’t and private business for desalination plants
The final balance of the 500 plus miles of the XL pipeline is built-landowners are furious at eminent domain issue’s
Congress tries to get the Prez to sign Personhood legislation disguised as Fetal Pain et al legislation. Doesn’t work
Gerrymandering becomes a hot topic by 2016 when lawsuits continue unabated
Cuba is The Place to vacation.

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  1. One of these days, I’ll take the time to figure out tags and categories sighhh but now I Have to do my email Christmas card’s.

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  2. Thank you so much for the lovely Christmas card. You are hard to categorize at times, E. 🙂

    A interesting stream of world news stories. I love it. I would like to challenge you to seed a few current news stories on some of these topics. I’m here to help. Let’s talk. I share your interest in human population and resource issues.

    Merry Christmas!

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    • haha, you are welcome and yes, I’m heard something along those lines before. 🙂 My late hubby just gave up and said I was his red neck hi-tech. haha..which covered a lot of territory

      Some world events are very predictable, especially those where drought reports are coming out. The political, not so much with the three big players, Russia, China and the US. Something that the likes of ISIL are ignoring, and more than likely to their eventual peril.

      The basic reason is that the US has the doctrine Freedom of Religion and Russia and China don’t. They say it’s ok in your country but they don’t mean it when they’re in charge. They will be charge either militarily, politically or financially eventually. It’s their logic that religious people should be extremely wary when dealing with them.

      emailing you a question. 🙂

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