The Great Debate: Same Sex Marriage

By Seattle Municipal Archives from Seattle, WA (Wedding at City Hall, Dec. 9, 2012) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

One of the first same-sex weddings performed at Seattle City Hall after the passage of the Washington State Marriage Equality Act. By Seattle Municipal Archives from Seattle, WA (Wedding at City Hall, Dec. 9, 2012) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Since, I like probably many more are probably tired of the arguments back and forth about same sex marriage, I thought I’d add some information to the discussion and see what comes out:

what is being overlooked or maybe just forgotten, is that human birth sexual genitalia
comes in three types, male, femal and hermaphrodite, which is both male and female.
Given that that is a biological fact, what is to say that the ‘insides’, emotions and mental
in the brain, aren’t different than the ‘outside’ appears.

It is extreme ignorance to say that God said even marriage should be what people
say he said it should be when he also apparently ‘made’ people in his image and that
image is not exactly what science has discovered inside humans.

Now, of course, I was told that the above was nothing more than gibberish.  I also understand that science is often thought of as gibberish, mostly because a GED doesn’t imbue an educated or scientific knowledge into those individuals. I also know that few individuals have actually seen or known an individual that was what some describe as a true hermaphrodite, ie a person with female breasts and a male penis. Mostly, because at birth, the doctor’s and parents ‘decide’ on surgery. Whether the surgery ultimately ‘fits’ the ‘personality’ has been as hotly debated.

I did get to meet a ‘man’  described by a friend as a hermaphrodite, several. His parents had decided to not have any surgery. I heard several reasons but since they were second, third and fourth hand, I’m leaving those out. I wasn’t rude enough to ask ‘him’ either.  He obviously had female breasts and he as obviously dressed as a man and had some male features. His personality wasn’t as precise when it came to a definition as male or female. More like his personality was a combination, depending on the circumstances. I watched him fit right in with the quilting ladies and later the men talking about a tractor.

His parents had the doctor’s name him as a male was due to the time when he was born, in the 1930’s. One possibility that occurred to me was that males had an easier time back than as well as inheritance etc. and less discrimination.

I’ve thought about it over the years, and that eventually led me to the conclusion, that if humans (1 in 1500 births to 1 in 2000 births) are born with more or less of the two main chromosomes X and Y and the distinct hermaphrodite ones,  that since there are three distinct birth sexual genitalia, male, female and hermaphrodite, than the inner self also had, more or less, a distinct difference not regulated by environment or rules of any religion. Unless you want to count that humans were made in God’s image, which means there are definitely three images. A conundrum for those with strict Bible interpretations. Some do want to cover the third aspect of human physiology with the ‘sin’ connotation but that leaves out the overall one…made in the image. (I do love how they go into a circular argument)  Usually, they give up and tell me that what I’m saying is…gibberish. haha

Historical references to note: Greek and Roman mythology regarding Hermaphroditus being the son of Aphrodite and Hermes which has the added footnote of when Hermaphroditus had a ‘union’ (read sex) with the water nymph Salmacis, he became intersex (modern word for hermaphrodite).

All of the above led me to the conclusion that humans are complex creatures. To deny any license based on sexual preference between consenting adults, couldn’t be used to deny a license of any kind in the US. If it is allowed, than all  US state licenses for any reason should be based on sexual preference or none.

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  1. Greek an Roman civilizations (or so they are noted) recognized hermaphrodites as being a part of humanity, that the Bible etc, have basically ignored this actual biological aspect of the human race, means they stuck their heads in the sand which of course means that leaves their ass in the air…heh

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    • People who oppose same-sex marriage generally do so on the basis of religious beliefs and cultural prejudices grounded in an ignorance of the complex factors that account for the sexual identity of human beings.

      There is a lot more to sexual identity than possessing a particular kind of genitalia. In addition to hermaphrodites–persons born possessing both kinds of genitalia–there are those persons born exhibiting a much more common condition described as possessing ambiguous genitalia, that is, possessing genitalia that is not clearly male or female in physical aspect but somewhere in between.

      The primary factors determining a person’s sexual identity are:

      1. genetics

      2. embryonic brain development

      3. embryonic sexual development

      4. socialization

      A person can, for example, be born with an XXY sex chromosome set and have either male or female genital development, though male genitalia is more common. So, the obvious question should be, “Does having a particular set of sex chromosomes or type of genitalia determine a person’s sexual identity?” Clearly not. While most XXY persons are male, some are female and many have even borne children.

      Furthermore, there are distinct physical differences between male and female brains that are evident to anatomists. Sometimes people are born with brains and bodies of different sexual types. Who then decides, and on the basis of what criteria, the appropriate sexual identity of such a person?

      You can now begin to see why the religious bigots have worked so hard to promote the notion that homosexuality is a “lifestyle choice,” which is a ridiculous and self-serving idea on it’s face. Have you ever tried dating someone you didn’t find attractive? We don’t choose our attractions toward others. It is very much about physical chemistry.

      This tiny bit of common sense causes an enormous philosophical problem for the religiously bigoted haters: “How do we as Christians justify our persecution of another person if they were so-created by God?”

      Scientists have known for almost 50 years that most homosexual persons are born as such. Homosexual behavior is common in animals. Scientists long ago experimentally created animals that exhibited confused gender behaviors. It really isn’t that big of a mystery.

      Hating and persecuting people for who they are is just plain mean and stupid. And it sure as hell isn’t “Christian.”

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      • And all of that too 🙂

        I had another thought about the ‘creation’ theory: Hermaphrodites were the ‘perfect’ humans, created before the great ‘sin’. Male and females are the split that occurred after the ‘sin’. But there are still the true hermaphrodites among us to remind us of the loss of what was possible. After all the parents of Hermaphroditus is Aphrodite and Hermes. 🙂

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