Walking in the Dawn

as the dew wets the dust
drips from the tall grass
walking forward as I must
to see a lake smooth as glass
past the gaunt hangmans tree
left over from times gone by
looking away as far as I can see
look away from the death, I sigh
no mercy given, none asked
though their thoughts linger
as if they both were, tasked
to see, a portrait of a finger
on the horizon, grief, tears
wept by those left behind
not constrained by fears
of those, shuttered, unkind
where did the conscious go?
conclusions reached, to dismiss
leached by daily living, slow?
to offer up, are we so remiss
does the immense, scope of living
daily chores garnered from youth
degenerate the call of giving?
forgive the lies, cover the truth?
as the dew turns to rain
seasons over, turns to snow
I ponder what is the insane
and watch the sun go low
as humanity enters from the left
shorn of loving, giving, dwindles
as children cry, parents bereft
caustically thrown away, swindled

Categories: Art, Literature, Poetry

3 replies

  1. Well, what can I say, it (whatever it is) wanted to be written…:) …

    and getting paragraphs is sooo techie and that is not me!

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    • It never fails to make me smile when I see how many “likes” your poetry garners. I love the stream of consciousness style of your poetry. I genuinely enjoyed reading this. It’s a nice piece. You have a wonderful heart, E. He chose well when he married you.

      Dawn over Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania, Africa, in the cradle of humanity. Apropos.

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      • Thank You and all the ones that like. I do appreciate sharing with others when my Muse wakes up long enough to actually Work…lol …..& I ♥ how you Always find the best photo to go with my poetry!

        And another one tagged along with this one….must be one of those snow confined moments..heh

        Liked by 3 people

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