Put your money where your morals are

Prog Chik

Sure, we’ve all heard about the woes of factory farmed animals, the industrialization–and Monsantoization–of agriculture, and the destruction of unsustainable fishing. In an ideal world, all of us ethically aware humans would avoid mistreating the animals we eat–or stop eating them altogether, not buy fish that’s in danger of being over-fished, and not eat vegetables and fruit shipped from across the world or  genetically modified and laden with chemicals. But that’s not what I want to discuss today.

Let’s say that you’re the most ethical and ecologically-aware person you know: you shop at Whole Foods, you only buy fair trade coffee from independently owned shops, you have a community supported agriculture vegetable and meat share, and you only eat at farm-to-table restaurants. You’re sure you’ve prevented all sorts of bad karma from coming your way–until you start talking to the employees at the grocery store, the coffee shop, and the local cafe. You find out they’re not being…

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