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  • The Great Debate: Same Sex Marriage

    Since, I like probably many more are probably tired of the arguments back and forth about same sex marriage, I thought I’d add some information to the discussion and see what comes out: what is being overlooked or maybe just… Read More ›

  • In The Maelstrom Created

    lost in a melodramatic moment of unrepentant angst with money being the only requirement and thanks a veritable storm of oratory, rhetoric without the music waving, shouting from the pulpit, ever egocentric to soothe the soul, capture the minds, ignite… Read More ›

  • Talent

    delicate etching, engraved to make a picture of lace wood precision, laved for balance of a face more than more, the gift talent through eons shift in each casting, seen complete or incomplete the symmetric of keen lineated flair, undelete… Read More ›

  • Politics

    range through the moment stop at the yellow line wait for a heaven-sent sign glowing halo illuminated, behind words strewn, auditory overload scattered, renewed, sowed careless whether the seeds garners nothing more than weeds no one to pluck the discord… Read More ›

  • Shale Oil Extraction, A Water Pollution Method

    We well know that potable water, once polluted, cannot be replaced easily. One of the methods of using potable water is extraction of oil from shale. Getting crude oil from rock represents perhaps the most difficult process of extraction. Oil shale must be… Read More ›

  • Syria Surrenders

    gliding through the night towards an unknown sight attack and leave in ruins death seeking it’s boons homage to Death as the dogs of war seeds begun in bohr tred with heavy foot hatred with a deep root hurried across… Read More ›

  • Internet Outages: Worldwide If you are following the story of Ethernet Internet cables being cut in California, here’s some more that happening.  Some could be simple equipment failure and others like in California, vandalism or terrorism, depending on how you view it.